Saturday, 23 July 2016


Second squash harvest.  Some of these still maintain their Sweet Meat shape.  I hope the inside looks as delicious as the outside.  I added a kuri squash to the mix this year, so I hope we get more colour.  I'm also hoping to reclaim the glorious buttercup shape so there are some turban squash (not ready yet) adding pollen to the batch.  

These will sit for a few weeks to mature then become dinner.  The dark green one is about the size I like, so I'm thinking of selecting for size in the next year or so.  One of the things I really want in this landrace is to have vigorous growing vines that can germinate in cold weather (thus the sweat meat as the base of the landrace - also the cinderella shaped squash which in the past could grow over a meter a day).  I hope to have lots of different colours but similar shape and size by the time I'm finished stabilizing this landrace.

We also had our first cucumber harvest today.  Not saving seeds from this batch as they don't have the upright growth habit I'm looking for.  The tendrils don't hold on to anything, so the cucumber vines just flop and fall on the vine.

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