Sunday, 10 July 2016

seed saving in full swing - first squash for dinner

First maxima squash of the year.
4 - kilograms
The flavour wasn't as sweet as one would expect from a max-squash.  It would have been sweeter if it had been stored for a few more weeks.  The texture was pretty good and I hope to make soup with the leftovers.

nice balance of seed cavity and flesh

Big fat seeds, will be good for roasting
 This squash earns the right to have it's seeds saved for next year.  

Future goals for my maxima squash landrace will include a higher ratio of flesh to seeds, but keep as large a seeds as possible.  Early harvest and drought tolerance is a must of course. I think I would like smaller squash, maybe about 2 kilo.

also harvested a cabbage for dinner

some seeds drying
favas, squash, blue pod peas

landrace soup peas
Favas grow so well here, even in moderately poor soil, that I feel obligated to keep growing it.  The thing is, I don't eat them.  I should, as the fibre in favas is very soluble and it is, in theory, the easiest pulse to digest.  The problem is, the skin is so bitter, hard to chew, and just makes things difficult on the gut.  Seeking a way to remove the skin and then I can make delicious fava falafels.

Maybe this winter, I should take some of the space I give to favas and try overwintering peas and chickpeas - two pulses I love to see in the kitchen.

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