Friday, 1 July 2016

petrichor (/ˈpɛtrᵻkɔər/); the smell of dust after rain

Light drizzle this morning.  It's a lovely change from the hot days we've had earlier in the week.  

Cleaned out the greenhouse and planted the cucumber plants.  Have some 42-day tomatoes that will be ready to plant out soon, so I prepared a place for them as well.   

Y & family came for a visit.  She harvested some kale, potatoes, peas, carrots, chard, komatsuna, raspberries and some other goodies I can't remember.  

Purple of Sicily cauliflower seems to be the best collard this year for resisting aphids and cabbage moth.  My harvest are pitifully small, but I am growing these in the back garden without irrigation, in a very bug and weed heavy situation, with moderately fertile soil.  So far this is the most delicious one as well.  

I like this so much, I'm going to grow a bunch and save the seeds.  Now, to get the timing right and not to get it too mixed up with other collards I hope to save the seeds from.  Seed to Seed suggests that I keep at least 6 plants, but better with 20.  I think I'll plant some now and put them in the kitchen garden.  I'll eat the inferior ones, then keep the best ones for seed.  

Today I planted

  • Rougette de Montpellier lettuce
  • carrots
  • Fagiolo Rampicante climbing beans
  • Japenese Snow Peas

  • red onions
  • walking onions bulblets

Dad mowed the lawn

Even with this morning's drizzle, the soil wasn't very wet, so I had to water in the seeds pretty well.  I put the barley straw around the peas seeds for mulch.  In theory, this will keep the soil cooler which peas like.  I'll probably end up with loads of volunteer barley there, but that's fine too.  I can note when they start growing and use it to influence my planting times next year.

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