Saturday, 2 July 2016

dry-land squash project

Sad looking squash, I know.  But believe it or not, that's deliberate.  These are my water-less squash, growing without irrigation in my 'dryland' field.  A max-squash mix, year two of my landrace project.  The goal for this is to direct seed early and hopefully withstand a light frost at the seedling stage.  To grow with zero or minimal irrigation.  To have a large flesh to seed ratio, with lovely large seeds.  To smother the compost pile to make it look beautiful.

So far they are doing brilliantly well.  A lovely selection of colours, but more or less the same shape.  Next year, I'll start separating for size - maybe adding some smaller commercial Max squash into the mix to get the size down to about 2 kilo not the 20+ kilo we got last year.  

The sad leaves perk up again at night.

Opel plums are delicious.  We had 8 today.  The branches are overloaded with fruit.

Harvested Blue Pod Desiree and Japanese snow peas seed today.

Also harvested some chard for dinner.

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