Wednesday, 29 June 2016

stray dog contained

First thing, get out of bed, glanced out the window, there I see it.  Our interloper.

Running around the yard, trying to get a good photo of it, I managed to chase it into an empty pasture and lock it in.

While I was following it around the yard, it lead me to the briar patch (it's full of blackberries).  Looking at how the grass is worn, it goes there quite a bit and maybe has made it's home there.  It doesn't seem to know the way out again (we think it came in under the back gate, so we left that place open in hopes that it would leave the same way).

Dog has been living rough but looks otherwise healthy and alert.  When the animal control person arrived, the dog came right to her.  The dog has been impounded and the owner will have to pay a fine to have it back.  I don't feel great about that, but then again, we suspect the dog of doing almost $100 worth of damage, which we won't get back, so in a way, it's good the owner will have to pay a fee for letting the dog run loose and not having a collar.  Maybe the owner can be more conscientious in future.

The authorities need to know if the dog should be labeled dangerous or not.  If the dog is considered dangerous, then it changes things for the owners and puts higher requirements on how the dog should be restrained.  The dog seems lovely, but lost and hungry, so I don't really want it to be labeled 'dangerous' however, we also suspect if of having damaged our livestock, so trying to find a balance.  Here's what we wrote:

Black and white, border collie shaped dog.

We suspect the dog arrived 24th or 25th of June because the livestock were behaving nervously and on Saturday (25th) we found a dead duckling.  No puncture wounds on the duckling, but it looked like the neck was damaged/snapped (shaken, not stirred).

The first time we saw the dog was on the evening of Monday, 27th Jun, 2016. It was disturbing the goose nest and removing eggs.  We chased the dog away from the goose and it's house.  The goose was frightened and a bit disorientated.  The next day, the goose was lethargic and showing signs of not seeing out of the right eye.  No signs of puncture wounds or blood, but swelling on the right side of the neck & head, and flies interested in the right wing, so we believe the symptoms are due to trauma.  We cannot say for certain that the dog caused harm to the goose, as we did not see it interact directly with the goose.  However, it would be uncharacteristic of the goose not to defend its clutch.

Morning of Jun 29th, 2016, the dog went into the an empty pasture and we closed the gate to contain it.  Called Saanich police and you know the result.

Although we suspect the dog damaged the duckling and goose, we cannot say with certainty that it did.  The only damage we can directly attribute to it is the disturbing of the goose nest which prevented the goose from returning to her eggs which were only a week or so away from hatching.

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