Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Purple snow peas

Moved the sheep first thing this morning, from the front pasture to the back.  It's still lovely and green there, which is surprising given how quickly everything is browning up.  It makes it much easier to feed them weeds from the back garden.

A woman stopped by this morning wanting to buy wool for Cowichan knitting.  We hope to shear the lambs in early Sep, so we asked her to stop by again then.  There is a chance we can work out a trade, which in many ways is what we like best.  I'll have to learn to spin thick yarn again, so this should be interesting.

While weeding the back garden this morning, I notice the crus galli was looking exceptionally good.  Maybe I can give another try at domesticating it.  There is a lot of potential there.

Two hens identified as being antagonistic towards the new arrivals have been separated from the flock and moved to the top of the dinner list.

First of the plums are just about ready :) and out of reach :(

Teasel is coming into bloom.

Japanese Snow Peas are drying down, almost ready to harvest seed.  These are edible pod peas good for snacking and cooking, the leaves make a tender salad green and the dry peas are good in soup.

Speaking about Japanese snow peas.  In the middle of winter, I planted some in the greenhouse for an early crop.  These ones are drying in the house for seed.  While shelling them, I found one pod with purple peas inside the pod.  Outside of the pod looks normal, but inside, beautiful!  You can see the normal colour pea at the bottom of the photo.

I'll keep these special peas separate and see what grows from them.  It's possible this might become something amazing... or it could be a dud.  I won't know until I start growing.

K's garden is coming along nicely.

Landrace scarlet runner - seed from Joseph Lofthouse.

Goose named Angelle was acting a bit odd today.  Frightened and sitting near the greenhouse.  No interest in food.  A little sluggish.  About 5pm, we noticed she couldn't see out of her right eye.  She's very frightened and uncoordinated.  Set up a house for her next to the greenhouse where she feels safe.  Gave her water with electrolytes.  Right side of the head is swollen.  Suspect trama.  Flies are very interested in her,especially her right wing.

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