Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Nacton Farm Journal

Nacton Farm is a small, family farm situated off the left coast of Canada.  Named after the house where my grandfather was born, up until last year, we had three generations living under one roof.  Alas, my grandfather has passed on, but we still farm in his memory.

A lot of what we do here is practice farming.  We experiment with methods and ideas to see if they will work in our location.  The goal is to create a holistic system that is far beyond modern day ideas of organic.  Moving forward with permaculture inspiration combined with historical methods and knowledge.

Our focuses (at the moment, they are always changing)

  • subsistence farming - a step towards self-sufficiency
  • community building
  • restorative and sustainable agriculture
  • Permaculture
  • Low input staple crops
  • plant breeding and landrace gardening to create varieties that are resilient, genetically diverse, and grow well in local conditions without irrigation or additional inputs.
  • geese, chickens, ducks
  • sheep and wool
  • textiles
  • fibre flax landrace project - seeking seeds!

The thing is, we do so much that we really should keep records.  I've tried before, but alas, I suck.  However, I'm pretty good at maintaining a blog.  Let's try that.  Observations, things we do, things we learn, and anything else that catches our eye.  That's what this blog is for.  

I firmly believe that knowledge should be free, or at least for no more than the price of a library card (which most of us pay with our taxes whether we use it or not).  It is for that reason that I'm making this blog open to the public.   Please feel free to comment.  If you like what we are doing, please admire the 'Donate' button on the side of the page.  

We also sell and trade things like yarn and seed.  


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